Treasure & Shipwreck Recovery Announces App Development Partner for New ‘Galleon Quest’ Treasure Hunting Game

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla., March 31, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — via NetworkWire – Treasure & Shipwreck Recovery, Inc. (OTC:BLIS) (“TSR” or the “Company”) is proud to announce it has partnered with a major application and technology partner for the release of the “Galleon Quest” app-based game for use on multiple platforms and devices, including iOS, Android, Xbox, PC, tablet, mobile and others. The Company has set a preliminary date of July 4, 2020, for release of the game.

The Company has purchased the naming and trademark rights for “Galleon Quest” and is partnering with Probability & Statistics, Inc. (“P&S”) of Palm Bay, Florida, for the development of the game. The game, which is based on live, real-world shipwrecks and treasure recovery, is multidimensional and can be single user or used in groups. The “Galleon Quest” game will involve users having initial ships, divers, abilities and treasure, along with dangers. The game offers a user-friendly, easy-to-learn format that fosters user immersion and diversion. As players move forward in the game, they can recover treasure, build their fleet, increase their capabilities and grow their treasury.

The purchase of trademarks for the “Galleon Quest” name was conducted in a series of transactions to be described later.

“This helps fulfill one of our three prongs of business development. Given the expertise of our partner and the size of our market, we have entered into this new relationship for production of this huge media property with several trademarks and exposure to the world,” stated Craig Huffman, chairman and founder of TSR.

“With the Company centering itself on treasure operations at certain sites, together with entering television media in the fall, as we expect to do, the release of the game will create huge new interest in our Company and this game,” said Blake McMahon, interim CEO of TSR.

“We are very honored to have been selected to develop the new ‘Galleon Quest’ game. Our experience in mobile application development, physics, data management and blockchain integration should really combine with TSR’s vision to create a truly great product for end users,” said Don Beavers, president of Probability and Statistics, Inc. “We see a strong, long-term opportunity here to work with TSR Media to create an exciting and fun experience that includes exploration, science and history and will both educate and entertain users. We have already taken the initial steps in getting the new mobile app launched in coordination with the potential release of TRS’s reality show pilot in the fall of 2020. The game will allow fans to hunt for sunken treasures as if they were a part of the actual treasure wreck and recovery team.”

“Galleon Quest” is being designed as a free-to-play game with the opportunity to make in-app purchases for special game enhancements. In 2019, $88 billion was spent worldwide on mobile app in-game purchases, and this is expected to more than double by 2021.

The most popular genres for mobile games are puzzle, strategy and role-playing games. Approximately 50% of gamers in the Western Hemisphere are women. The Company expects to grow “Galleon Quest” in many ways.

About Treasure & Shipwreck Recovery

TSR is a threefold treasure-related company with its own recovery vessels and partners. The Company has made recoveries and holds hundreds of miles of research areas. TSR consists of a treasure recovery division as well as a media group for television, gaming and media matters, such as its gaming portion and its in-development television side. All three components will make up the triad of revenue sources and business development.

About Probability and Statistics

Probability and Statistics, Inc. (P&S) is a math and science company headquartered in Florida’s Space Coast. The company solves some of the world’s most difficult challenges by developing integrated solutions powered by the latest technologies in blockchain development, artificial intelligence, additive manufacturing, multi-physics computations and specialized software application development.

P&S has a footprint that spans government, health care, finance, supply chain management, aerospace, aviation, oceanography and private industry. From consumer products to enterprise-class solutions, P&S’ unique process infuses cutting-edge design theory and extraordinary technical prowess with data collection, organization, analysis, interpretation, prototyping and production; all to create revolutionary solutions for real-world problems.

Our updated web site includes the new Media Group Page at www.treasurewreck.com.

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