The Vessels

As part of our Treasure Search and Recovery Operations, we utilize vessels from numerous sources and partners. Included in these are ones that we have obtained including the large 80 ton 71 foot R/V Bellows, for endurance and large recovery operations, as well as a vessel for short range recovery, the 33 foot Sea Survey, of Sea Research Society, our main operating partner. Both of these vessels are tremendously outfitted to both find treasure and recover it. In addition contracted companies have other industry vessels we will contract.

Galleon Quest recently acquired one of the most storied treasure recovery vessels in history for operations with our partner Sea Research Society, in the Osprey. Originally a U.S. Navy Patrol Boat, and storied with recoveries throughout the Caribbean.

R/V Bellows

The Bellows is 71 feet, 80 tons, powered by two large Detroit Diesels, cabin space for 14 personnel, a range of 1,500 miles, with large A frame lift capacity. The vessel was purchased in August 2019 from the Florida University system, is  running on its maiden voyage around Florida to the suspected 30 wrecks off the Cape Romain, South Carolina site. Bellows has a long and storied history working every area around Florida, many areas of the Caribbean and being instrumental in Government operations including recovery of USCG Blackthorn and instrumental in the Horizon oil spill. The Bellows is being used by our contracted partner, Sea Research Society for operations.

The Turn Over Ceremony on August 29, 2019 from the Florida Institute of Oceanography:

Sea Survey

The research vessel “Sea Survey,” with a 33 foot aluminum hull, twin diesels, and fitted with the twin prop wash deflectors to blow sand away down to depths to expose buried artifacts well below numerous feet of sand and other matters. The Sea Survey will work off our Cape Romain and other areas.