About Us

Treasure & Shipwreck Recovery, Inc.(TSR) is a Shipwreck Treasure Company with ongoing and future sites for the search and recovery of priceless treasure and artifacts from historic shipwrecks throughout the Caribbean. Currently, the Company trades under the Symbol BLIS, subject to a name and symbol change with FINRA. We are beginning first expeditions within days, going around Florida, the Keys and onto the first primary site at Cape Romain, South Carolina.


TSR is a treasure company built on 60 years of shipwreck recovery and experience, with the key figure Dr. E. Lee Spence, who has been responsible for finding over $1billion in recoveries. TSR operations will be very streamlined, so SGA will be very limited. All recovery work is being done with contractors to carry out the work, at their expense for many matters, while we pay operating costs. Goal is that 90% of all monies are used for operations, equipment, etc. for actual search and recoveries. In order to minimize expenditures, at times we will do a treasure and artifact share with our contracted partners so our costs are minimal.

Capital Structure

Total 11 million shares, of which 9 million are held in a control holdings and restricted to insiders, and 2 million are free trading, in limited deposits. Goal is to keep share structure at 15 million or below for first 2 years.

Financial Structure

No convertible debt exists. The current money raise is $800,000 which is well underway for wreck explorations throughout summer, including final outfitting of 95 foot mother vessel, and operations on Cape Romain, SC and to 2 to 3 other known Caribbean sites by September 2019.

Revenue Structure

TSR has numerous revenue routes. One is to keep many artifacts and treasure as assets, to be shown in a planned TSR location and museum. Second is sale of treasure and artifacts through certain auction houses and arranged product sales for coins, etc. Third is private collector sales. Fourth is road show and museum show fees. Finally, holding rights to television and future gaming development.

Current Operations and Planned

We initially will do the Florida coastal survey on the way to the large South Carolina claim area with numerous shipwreck on a large admiralty claim contracted with the Chairman, Dr. Spence who owns the admiralty claim, which has dozens of unexplored wrecks. 3 Wrecks have been initially worked and will be worked, which have constantly yielded valuable artifacts, on an ongoing basis, while dozens of others will be surveyed at that location. All expeditions will be filmed for publicity, and for future television rights and production by partners in the industry.

Amount of Treasure and Shipwrecks

It’s estimated that, beneath Earth’s waters, 3 million undiscovered shipwrecks exist. Treasure & Shipwreck Recovery (TSR) has access to decades of research and proven wreck site targets, and will be exploring, and salvaging targeted ones. From 1500 to 1900, some 400 years, fleets of Spain, English, France and Pirates, plied the Caribbean bringing massive amounts of treasure, in gold, silver, emeralds, jewelry and artifacts. Every year, probably dozens to hundreds of such vessels sunk for numerous reasons, filled with treasure. Treasure Shipwreck and Recovery has the inside track on adventure to find some of these riches. More gold lies in ships on the ocean floors than exist in all the holdings of all the countries of the world.

With a treasure search and recovery fleet ready to explore and salvage numerous known locations of 200 to 400 year old shipwrecks from the Spanish Galleon, English, French and Pirate days to recover treasure of gold, silver, jewelry and antiquities.

Expeditions are led by world renown treasure hunter and archaeologist Dr. E. Lee Spence, who has over 60 years of experience recovering treasure and antiquities throughout the world. Spence has joined TSR as Chairman and Chief Operating Officer.

TSR has acquired rights to two world class shipwreck search and recovery vessels to carry out the search and expeditions we will be conducting.

Gaming and Television

TSR intends to become a worldwide set of media brands for adventure, treasure and fulfilling the dream of everyone who ever wanted to have the adventure of a lifetime. TSR has an existing gaming development relationship for an envisioned for an App game based on treasure hunting and Dr. Spence, and television series will be worked during the next year. Constant filming of crew work and recovery will be published of ongoing operations via social media.

Dr. E. Lee Spence

Dr. Spence is one of history’s greatest treasure hunters. His life reads like an adventure novel; Spence has explored exotic places in the Far East, Europe, Central and South America. He has dived and discovered historical wrecks in the Great Lakes, the Atlantic, the Pacific, the Mediterranean, and all over the Caribbean. Featured on numerous television and other media, Dr. Spence brings Shipwreck Research and Recovery a true “underwater Indiana Jones.” Being a member of Mensa, his childhood dream has become his life. In the last 60 years, Spence has been shot at, buried in cave-ins, tangled in fishing nets, pinned under wreckage, run out of air, lost inside a wreck, and bitten by fish while pursuing his quests. He has hundreds of published books and articles.

Finding his first shipwrecks at age 12, Spence has spent over 60 years finding and exploring hundreds of shipwrecks throughout the Caribbean and other places.

Spence has been responsible for the finding and recovering of billions of dollars from shipwrecks, including the finding and locating of the reassure rich SS Republic and SS Central America, which were later recovered by the public company Odyssey Marine, itself a public company.

Besides numerous Spanish Galleon discoveries, he has been responsible for finding some of the richest treasure wrecks ever. His wrecks sites off the Carolinas alone could bear many millions in even one wreck site.

Spence has partnered with Treasure & Shipwreck Recovery to find and recover Spanish, Pirate and other treasure in a series of new expeditions throughout the waters of North America and the Caribbean, as well as all the Wrecks in Cape Romain.

Spence found the Confederate submarine CSS Hunley, the first operable submarine during the Civil War and considered one of the most valuable historical wrecks ever, as well as dozens of other civil war wrecks.

Spence has written dozens of books and is one of the most published experts on treasure and history in the world.

Additional info about Less can be found at www.Shipwrecks.com, as well as his LinkedIn page and Facebook page, which is rich in photos, and projects worked.

Or, learn about E. Lee Spence on YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R_AgVxAtdhI