(artist rendering, not actual game play))

Coming Soon: Mobile Game for iOS & Android

Explore Alongside the Treasure Wreck & Recovery Team!

Select your Ship

Choose between famous ships recorded in history, spoken of in legend, or actually operated by TWR!

Select your Crew

Be sure to choose the right crew for your dive site to find the most unique and profitable treasures!

Select your Site

Decide on the location of your dive based on research and ease of access to give your crew the best chances for treasure!

(art concept rendering, not actual game play)

Dive at your Site

Go underwater to explore for treasure and master your techniques to maximize your returns.

Adapt to Changing Conditions

Being prepared with knowledge and experience will help you know what to expect and react to whatever surprises may be waiting for you.

Conquer Challenges for Rewards

Use your wit to navigate through the many challenges that lay in wait at the bottom of the sea!

(art concept rendering, not actual game play)

Choose to Collect, Sell, or Restore Your Treasure!