Dr. E Lee Spence

Chairman, Chief Operating Officer

Dr. Spence is an internationally known expert on shipwrecks and sunken treasures. He received one of the first five doctorates (Doctor of Marine Histories, College of Marine Arts, 1972) ever awarded for marine archaeology anywhere in the world and he has long been considered one of the founding fathers of marine archaeology. Dr. Spence has discovered hundreds of treasure laden and historical wrecks.

Spence has salvaged hundreds of millions of dollars in valuable artifacts and has been responsible, through his archival research, for the location of the wrecks of the side-paddle-wheel steamers Republic and Central America  from which over one billion dollars in treasure has been recovered.

He has authored more than two dozen books and has served as an editor for a number of nationally distributed magazines. He is also an award winning cartographer and has published a number of maps and charts dealing with shipwrecks and treasure.