TSR (Stock Quote BLIS) is providing this update for current shareholders, as to our huge amount of advancements that we have made in becoming fully operational on known proven treasure sites under perpetual permits, with proven treasure finding partners, a vast amount of new equipment, taking on vessels for recovery through the summer months, large scaled investment received from select parties at set rates, the taking on of a Brokerage representative, new director and officers, and a complete crew for operations. We will be establishing a social media and complete online presence to expand our brand identity and inform the world of our expected short-term successes. TSR is fulfilling all of its business and operational activities, while maintaining corporate financial and equity integrity as promised under our business model. 

We will be working with Capt. Greg Bounds and Capt. Kane Fisher, on a perpetually permitted site, which is a known site of at least 5 of the 10, 1715 Fleet Spanish wrecks. Although worked since Mel Fisher won the rights in perpetuity, the bulk of these wrecks, and their main treasure has not been found. Thousands of coins, jewels and artifacts have been Contains one of the greatest concentrations of colonial shipwrecks on the east coast of Florida, the majority of them have never been found or salvaged. We believe all our work, purchases and partnering will lead to imminent recoveries. With technology advances in GPS, radar, sonar, scuba diving, detection equipment, computers, TSR has purchased and brought a lot to the partnership, as well as crew.  

TSR has partnered with Greg Bounds and his Goldhound Treasure Company. Captain Bounds has been in the sunken treasure salvage business for over 14 years, having worked some of the most renowned shipwreck discoveries in modern history, including the Atocha and Santa Margarita, both off Key West. Among other major finds in his career, Captain Bounds was responsible for discovering millions in treasures in a single day off the Santa Margarita, including fine pearls, rare gold broaches, and over 30 feet of solid gold chains, all preserved for nearly 400 years in their sunken hiding spots. Bounds has spent the majority of his professional salver years as a Captain for the legendary Mel Fisher. Working with TSR as a partner he one of the most successful sunken treasure hunter ever. 

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