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Treasure & Shipwreck Recovery, Inc.(Currently trading as BLIS) is a multi-dimensional Company built on the business of not only shipwreck and treasure recovery, while building a world-class Game App called Galleon Quest to entertain and leverage the immense demographic interest in authentic Treasure hunting in a multi-platform treasure hunt gaming app that will be shortly deployed for beta and alpha testing and roll out of the game in iOS, Android, Xbox, and other stores. The Company has purchased a revenue producing App site for entry into this industry. The Company has already conducted recovery operations from historical shipwrecks, and will be on sites identified in shallow shipwreck finds in the Caribbean and North America. Besides Gaming with Galleon Quest. we intend to expand into media projects for other matters a television production and sales of artifacts. We have our own and partnered vessels to use on our multiple shipwreck sites.


Treasure & Shipwreck Recovery Gives Galleon Quest Game Progress Update, Future Projections Release and Game Trailer

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla., April 23, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Via NetworkWire — Treasure & Shipwreck Recovery, Inc. (“TSR” or “the Company”), currently trading on the OTC:BLIS, is proud to announce that its app game “Galleon Quest” is progressing through development for testing and release. As well the Company will be sharing revenue range projections based on industry conservative standards for the App Game. The Company has projected beta testing, alpha testing and release dates planned, and plans to release a game trailer of Galleon Quest within the next week. With the rise of isolation and stay at home orders, app

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Treasure & Shipwreck Recovery Announces App Development Partner for New ‘Galleon Quest’ Treasure Hunting Game

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla., March 31, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — via NetworkWire – Treasure & Shipwreck Recovery, Inc. (OTC:BLIS) (“TSR” or the “Company”) is proud to announce it has partnered with a major application and technology partner for the release of the “Galleon Quest” app-based game for use on multiple platforms and devices, including iOS, Android, Xbox, PC, tablet, mobile and others. The Company has set a preliminary date of July 4, 2020, for release of the game. The Company has purchased the naming and trademark rights for “Galleon Quest” and is partnering with Probability & Statistics, Inc. (“P&S”) of Palm

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